Excel Module 2 – Data Management and Pivot Tables

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Excel Module 2 – Data Management and Pivot Tables

Duration: 1 day

Our Excel Module 2 – Data Management and Pivot Tables course looks at how to handle your data more efficiently. It looks at creating data to give a more visual appearance and shows tips and tricks for creating your own dashboards. It looks at how to manage large amounts of data and the best ways to handle and analyse data.

This course is aimed at existing users of Excel who want to increase their skills. Participants should be able to create and amend worksheets and build simple formulas.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Manage worksheets and workbooks
  • Link information between workbooks and worksheets
  • Setup conditional formatting
  • Create and manage data
  • Filter and sort information
  • Setup data validation
  • Create and amend pivot tables
  • Customise pivot tables
  • Building formulas
  • Ordering calculations
  • Absolute cell references
  • Using functions
  • Moving and copying worksheets
  • Inserting and deleting worksheets
  • Grouping worksheets
  • Changing the worksheet tab colour
  • Linking within a workbook
  • Linking between workbooks
  • Updating and managing links
  • Changing the cell format depending on set criteri
  • Databars, Top/Bottom Rules, Colour Scales and Icon Sets
  • Creating custom formula rules
  • Organising data using Excel tables
  • Sorting and filtering information
  • Table formatting
  • Adding calculations into table columns
  • Adding total rows
  • Removing duplicates
  • Converting to an ordinary range
  • Setting number and date validation
  • Setting drop down list validation
  • Setting custom validation
  • Creating and modifying a Pivot Table
  • Recalculating the Pivot Table
  • Filtering the Pivot Table
  • Searching the Pivot Table
  • Drilling down to underlying data
  • Customising field names
  • Changing field formatting
  • Creating separate worksheet data from page/report fields
  • Pivot Charts
  • Using Slicers
“I found the course interactive and clear. Thank you.”
Lucy, Mizuho Bank Ltd

“I enjoyed the exercises and learning about pivot tables. Seriously considering doing the next level course.”

Elaine, Mizuho Bank Ltd
“Excellent course and trainer. Very clear instruction from the trainer, very interactive. Good course if you have an existing working knowledge of basic functions in excel. Sections covered provided new knowledge which will make reporting and my use of excel easier in the future. Great training session. I had a good knowledge of Excel but found this training has broadened that existing knowledge and provided me with tools and tips I can use in my everyday work. I found Conditional Formatting the most useful aspect, I knew little about this before the course and now have a good understanding of how it works and how I can use it. I liked that the course was interactive with a demo then the students trying for themselves.”
Victoria, Total Gas and Power
“Covered a wide range of content to help build a base to build on.”
George, Mizuho Bank Ltd
“Excellent course. Very clear instruction. The instructor is very patient and attentive.”
Yi Ping, Mizuho Bank Ltd
Excellent course and trainer. I would recommend the course as it gives people the opportunity to do more with excel than just the basics they may use. The session was great. It was done at a pace that was good for us all.
Solitaire, Civil Aviation Authority
Excellent course and trainer. I would definitely recommend, the course itself taught the subject material in a clear and concise manner with the trainer providing excellent support as and when needed by the students, along with taking the time to ensure all aspects were clear to everyone. A number of small tips and tricks for excel were also taught which I believe were/are invaluable. Great session overall, I have learnt a large number of things that I wasn’t expecting to which will undoubtedly improve my work regarding excel in the future.
Cormac, Civil Aviation Authority
Excellent course and trainer. I would recommend the course, I felt the course was very comprehensive. The trainer went a at good pace and due to number restrictions was able to provide 1:1 support and guidance as needed. I enjoyed how the trainer demonstrated a particular element and then we had a go. I found the course very helpful and I came away feeling confident that I could actually do some things in excel! I found the whole course to be very informative and the trainers approach was great.
Annabel, Willis Towers Watson
Excellent course and trainer. I would recommend the course. The training is good as you’re given skills and tips in order to process data. The trainer was very understanding and patient. They were very happy to answer questions and go the extra mile if you needed to know anything in depth to which isn’t specifically on the agenda.
Leis, Total Gas and Power
Excellent course and trainer. I would recommend it, the trainer made Excel interesting. Great session, will totally change the way I will work moving forward. I’ve avoided excel most of my career, no more. Great delivery and engaging. Great venue, great course.
Matthew, William Reed
Excellent course and trainer. I would recommend it, an excellent way of learning more about what Excel can do. Very good course, lots of good content and relevant to my job which I can now use day to day.
Bradley, Welland Medical
I would recommend the course, excellent course content and friendly trainer. Good varied mix of watching, learning and doing. Good that the course Excel files can be kept for future reference. I found it useful learning how to do things faster using methods I never knew existed. Lovely venue.
Richard, Welland Medical

Excellent course, clearly explained. Trainer had taken the time to match the version of Excel on the training laptop to the version I have in the office. Excellent course and presented in a clear manner. In addition to the course content I was very pleased to learn some basic things that I had missed somewhere along the way. Course and administration perfect. Venue of great interest due to its place in aviation history.

Sarah, St Catherine's Hospice
Very useful, even if you think you know it all, there will definitely be some shortcuts and tips that will save you hours of time in the long run. Fantastic session! Relaxed, enjoyable and informative. Learning plenty of useful shortcuts for the F keys
Ollie, Willis Towers Watson
I would recommend the course, so helpful, learnt a lot, brilliant trainer. Ran well, good content and engaging. Really liked the practical aspects. Trainer is brilliant.
Harsimar, Willis Towers Watson

I would recommend the course, very down to earth trainer who helped make the course relevant and useful for our job roles. We were quite an excitable group of graduates but she managed to keep us engaged. Really helpful, endless shortcuts I almost didn’t attend the session when reading the list of what was covered as I thought I already knew how to do them. I was surprised how much I could learn and how much I didn’t know.

Louise, Willis Towers Watson
I would definitely recommend the course, if people use Excel in their work. The shortcuts I learned will save me hours and help me analyse the data better. The course was excellent, the pace perfect and Susan explained things very clearly. The course gave me exactly what I was looking for. All aspects were useful. It was a massive tick in my Operational Excellence box for this year!
Annabel, Mizuho Bank Ltd

Excellent course and trainer. I would recommend this course, content was very useful for intermediate users and Susan also offered some advice and guidance on material which wasn’t under the original course content.

Dean, Mizuho Bank Ltd

Excellent course and trainer. I would recommend this course, it is ideal for those who want to see how data can be presented simply and powerfully without having to program. Course was pitched just right. Venue excellent, food and support services very good too.

Richard, Civil Aviation Authority

Excellent course and trainer. Relaxed course with only a few people attending


Excellent course and trainer. I would absolutely recommend the course. I like how it was done – explaining how to do things followed up with short exercise. The trainer was very nice and approachable, no question was a stupid question.

Veronika, Tokyo Electron Europe Ltd.