VBA in Excel Part 2

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VBA in Excel Part 2

Duration: 2 days

This course is aimed at experienced VBA users or those who have attended our VBA in Excel Part 1 course and have started to use the language. The Part 2 expands on the huge array of commands and elements of the data model that can be used and looks at building more complex VBA models

By the end of the course you will be able to be:

  • Use comparison operators and system functions
  • Use Arrays
  • Work with ranges
  • Use application objects
  • Work with the worksheets and workbooks collections and objects
  • Use the FileSystemObject
  • Import and save text files
  • Connect to other applications
  • Using Comparison operators and functions
  • The LIKE function
  • Wildcards
  • The VAL function
  • Case functions
  • Trim functions
  • Text functions
  • Date functions
  • Using Excel functions in VBA
  • Creating arrays
  • Using arrays
  • Ubound and Lbound
  • Single and multi dimensional arrays
  • Static vs dynamic arrays
  • Creating range objects
  • Passing data between range objects and arrays
  • Using Transpose
  • Using Resize
  • The object browser
  • Excel default information
  • Display/alerts
  • Screen updating
  • Status bar
  • On Time
  • Using Wait
  • The worksheets collection
  • The worksheet object
  • The sheets collection
  • Using object
  • Grouping worksheets
  • Using Typename
  • The workbooks collection
  • Setting workbook variables
  • Searching for files and folders
  • The DIR function
  • The FileSystemObject
  • Importing text file
  • Saving as a text file
  • Emailing workbooks
  • Early vs Late Binding
  • Setting references to other applications
  • Creating application variables
  • Setting application variables
  • Basic commands
I would recommend the course, there was a lot of content covered and Susan was very happy to focus in on keys areas of the course as we required. Priorities and areas of focussed considered for all delegates. Content put in to practise on live examples. Susan was more than happy to work on some challenges directly with us there and then. Susan is clearly very knowledgable and happy to support with all queries. Together we were able to work through some challenges in order to resolve. Susan also allows you to try things out and approach things in different ways but ensuring you are kept on track and thins are kept neat and tidy!
Jo, Thales UK

I would recommend the course to others. Susan is very knowledgeable and has a great ability to provide simple explanations to potentially complex queries. The Beehive venue is very nice and I found the course administration to be very simple and straightforward.

Paul, BC&E