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Excellent course and trainer. Good course material; good trainer with the right level of inter-personal and communication skills; good course content.

Excellent course and trainer. I think this course would benefit all manager/middle manager personnel in the organisation to enable a greater appreciation and awareness of individual needs and why in certain circumstances people behave as they do. The structure of the course was excellent. The trainer clearly has great presence and ability to allow individuals to interact in a positive way to bring out the most appropriate comments for further discussion and debate.

I would recommend the course to others, insightful focus on behavioural matters in the context of Project Management. Well structured, informal but pace kept up, trainer knowledge and engagement was excellent, some valuable techniques to take back to the workplace. The Case Study was very good – a clever way of drawing out the people skills required in project management.
Very interesting and thought provoking. Sponsors are probably doing many of the activities without recognizing that they are carrying out sponsorship activities. However I think there was a realization that the sponsors are actually responsible for delivering the benefits of the project.
Neil, Project Sponsor Training
Excellent course and trainer. I would recommend this course, it was a good mix between discussion and sharing of good practice/expectations. This was ideal for what we needed. Discussion was specific to our organisation and the material/delivery encouraged this debate.
Chris, Project Sponsor Training
I would recommend the course to others as an initiation to project sponsorship. The trainer was very well-informed and was not phased by any of the discussions the material teased out. The course content was an introduction to sponsorship as there were some complete beginners in the group. I found the structure plain and simple and the explanations easy to follow. The content sent out the right messages about responsibility and accountability which was the main focus for our company. Overall the session was very useful.
Alex, Project Sponsor Training
Excellent course and trainer. I would definitely recommend it, I gained all the information I required on this course Susan was a great trainer looking forward to my next course next week, was a great course
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It is a great way to understand all of the course principles and having a trainer and a support group on hand for the whole day is really helpful. The trainer was brilliant, there were so patient and understanding and also really positive about the group even when we doubted ourselves. The days were structured in a useful way that helped when we were trying to bring everything together at the end before the exams. It was a great way to learn everything, really relaxed generally but with a good pace that everyone could keep up with. In terms of the course, the most helpful thing was having the trainer available all the time to ask questions and to provide help, as well as working in the small group because it allowed all of us to interact well instead of being lost in a large number. The structure worked well for all of us.
Excellent course and trainer. I would recommend the course, I felt the course was very comprehensive. The trainer went a at good pace and due to number restrictions was able to provide 1:1 support and guidance as needed. I enjoyed how the trainer demonstrated a particular element and then we had a go. I found the course very helpful and I came away feeling confident that I could actually do some things in excel! I found the whole course to be very informative and the trainers approach was great.
Excellent course and trainer, I would recommend it, very clear explanation, very friendly and competent teacher. I found understanding the master structure behind the slides one of the most useful elements.
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Excellent course and trainer. I would recommend the course to others, the course is very interactive.

Excellent course and trainer. Very clear instruction from the trainer, very interactive. Good course if you have an existing working knowledge of basic functions in excel. Sections covered provided new knowledge which will make reporting and my use of excel easier in the future. Great training session. I had a good knowledge of Excel but found this training has broadened that existing knowledge and provided me with tools and tips I can use in my everyday work. I found Conditional Formatting the most useful aspect, I knew little about this before the course and now have a good understanding of how it works and how I can use it. I liked that the course was interactive with a demo then the students trying for themselves.

Victoria , Excel Module 2

I would recommend this course as this provides you with an overview which refines techniques of using Excel and broadens understanding to improve upon existing processes. I found the trainer was very helpful and clear when explaining how things should be done and why different techniques are needed to avoid issues. I found this course improved my knowledge of Excel in how to best show data which should be a great asset moving forward. After taking Excel Module 2, I am now eager to sign up for training for Excel Module 3.

Excellent course and trainer. I would recommend the course. The training is good as you’re given skills and tips in order to process data. The trainer was very understanding and patient. They were very happy to answer questions and go the extra mile if you needed to know anything in depth to which isn’t specifically on the agenda.

Very informative and friendly setting, no one was put on the spot to answer questions which I liked. Susan was very helpful and gave her attention to everyone. the content was great I learned a lot of things I was not expecting to but found useful. I liked the training booklet. When Susan was showing us examples they were different to the work set in the booklet to help you apply what she taught in different situations which I found better than just copying the same information. I like that there is support for 6 months after the course so if things do crop up I can email or ask a question on LinkedIn. No improvements as such small group of learners so everyone got lots of 1-1 time with Susan if needed. Very interesting venue.
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The trainer was excellent, very up beat, clear and concise. Has given me a basic understanding of Visio and hopefully the confidence to “Give it a go”.

Kim , Visio

The course and trainer were excellent. I would recommend this course to others, the course was very informative and has equipped me with skills that I will now use. I feel confident now that I can tackle Visio and not be overwhelmed by it. Our trainer was very engaging and made the session fun. Interaction was very good and it was extremely useful to create our own Visio files in the session with the trainers guidance.

Kim, Visio

I found the course interactive and clear. Thank you.

I enjoyed the exercises and learning about pivot tables. Seriously considering doing the next level course.

Covered a wide range of content to help build a base to build on.

I enjoyed formulas, COUNTIFS and SUMIFS.

Excellent course. Very clear instruction. The instructor is very patient and attentive.

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The course was very informative and gives a more in-depth level of understanding, making it a lot quicker and easier to get the job done. The session was evenly spaced out, but giving more time on certain areas where necessary. I personally found the use of Connectors really useful, including adding connectors and grouping shape to shape as this will save a lot of time in the future. I was not aware of Shape Data and Reporting as it is not a requirement for my job, but could be useful in the future.

Helen , Visio
Excellent course and trainer. I would recommend the course, good content and trainer.
Excellent course and trainer. I would recommend it, an excellent way of learning more about what Excel can do. Very good course, lots of good content and relevant to my job which I can now use day to day.
I would recommend the course, excellent course content and friendly trainer. Good varied mix of watching, learning and doing. Good that the course Excel files can be kept for future reference. I found it useful learning how to do things faster using methods I never knew existed. Lovely venue.

I would recommend the course, the trainer has a lot of knowledge and takes time to explain tasks. Very good course, tougher than Module 2. I found it really useful being able to keep the books after along with the worksheets we had been using on the day. Very quick to register for the course and very good facilities.

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Excellent course and trainer. I would recommend the course. The course was extremely helpful and informative. I thought the trainer was very knowledgeable and had a good rapport with the group. Very enjoyable course in my opinion. I enjoyed it and learnt a lot.

James , Visio
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Excellent course and trainer. Excellent. Learned a lot. Very useful. Perfect timing. All covered aspects were useful. The trainer was very knowledgable. What I found most useful were the practice and tips. No need to change anything,

Excellent course and trainer. I would recommend the course, it was appropriate for my needs and the trainer aware of the attendees varying levels of previous understanding. Excellent trainer. The content was appropriate, the pace was well pitched, and the trainer was able to 1-2-1 for anyone that needed this.

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Excellent course and trainer. The session covered enough content to get a newbie going. The training book and exercises were of a high quality. All of the IT worked. Great learning environment at the Beehive. I can now use MS Project and have confidence to explore.
Phil, MS Project - Planning and Control
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Excellent course and trainer. I would recommend Susan on her delivery. Susan is a really knowledgeable and focusses on the customer needs in order to meet the desired outcome. All that have attend are already diving in to use what they have learnt so far. What I found most useful was the ability to try things out and put what you have learnt in to practise and the freedom to experiment in different ways in order to obtain the same solution.
I would recommend the course, there was a lot of content covered and Susan was very happy to focus in on keys areas of the course as we required. Priorities and areas of focussed considered for all delegates. Content put in to practise on live examples. Susan was more than happy to work on some challenges directly with us there and then. Susan is clearly very knowledgable and happy to support with all queries. Together we were able to work through some challenges in order to resolve. Susan also allows you to try things out and approach things in different ways but ensuring you are kept on track and thins are kept neat and tidy!
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Excellent course, clearly explained. Trainer had taken the time to match the version of Excel on the training laptop to the version I have in the office. Excellent course and presented in a clear manner. In addition to the course content I was very pleased to learn some basic things that I had missed somewhere along the way. Course and administration perfect. Venue of great interest due to its place in aviation history.
Excellent course and trainer, I would definitely recommend it, very informative, interactive and fun. It was just the right amount of content. Don’t think I could have absorbed any more.
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I would recommend it, the trainer made Excel interesting. Great session, will totally change the way I will work moving forward. I’ve avoided excel most of my career, no more. Great delivery and engaging. Great venue, great course.